24 Hour Emergency Care

24 Hour Emergency Veterinarian

The Ottawa Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital (OAESH) offers Ottawa emergency veterinarian services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without appointment. This service is an extension of the primary care offered by your regular veterinarian. The emergency and critical care team at the OAESH is always ready for you and your pet.

Case transfers from primary veterinarians

We work as a team with your primary care veterinarian to provide the best medical and surgical critical care for your pet. You could be sent to us during the middle of the night for an emergency or during the day for advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. OAESH functions not only as an emergency hospital, but also as an after-hours intensive care unit for pets transferred from their regular veterinarian. Pets that are critically ill or recovering from surgery may also be transferred here for ongoing overnight and weekend care.


You can walk in at any time, as our 24 hour emergency veterinarian services operate without appointment. You will see a veterinarian as soon as possible, depending upon the nature of your pet’s illness or injury. Our facility has been designed to allow your pet to be comfortable and closely monitored while staying in hospital and receiving state-of-the-art medical care. Specialty services require appointments either by your veterinarian or by our emergency veterinarians for advanced input and recommendations in the management of your pet’s condition.

Frequently asked questions by clients about emergencies

Does OAESH offer preventive medicine and primary care to pets?

No. Our hospital is the extension of your primary veterinary team, which we call the “referring veterinarian.” We do not administer vaccines, sell preventive anti-parasitic medications, and we not sell maintenance veterinary diets. Your primary veterinarian is the main animal health professional for the life cycle of your pets. We are here to help in emergency and critical or complicated conditions that may unfortunately happen at some point in your pet’s life.

What is a veterinary emergency and critical care hospital?

If your pet should become injured or suddenly develop an acute, life-threatening disease, they will need prompt emergency care. In addition to requiring initial emergency interventions, many days may be needed for the disease process to run its course before recovery occurs. During this time, close monitoring and life-support measures may be needed. A vigilant emergency team will provide compassionate, comprehensive care to obtain the best outcome for your pet.

How do I know if my pet needs an emergency veterinarian?

During regular business hours, call your primary care veterinarian, who may be capable of dealing with the emergency or will recommend that you go straight to OAESH. After regular hours, please contact our emergency team for assistance and guidance.

Any pet that is seriously ill might benefit from this type of care.

  • Animals that have sustained a bite wound or laceration.
  • Trauma patients, including those hit by cars, bite, bullet, knife or burn injuries.
  • Any animal that is having trouble breathing.
  • Anemic animals that need a blood transfusion
  • Any patient that is in shock (signs of shock can include weakness, pale mucous membranes in their mouth, cold extremities like feet, and a very fast heart rate).
  • Animals that are having trouble urinating or are not producing urine while squatting.
  • Dogs and cats that need specialized nutritional support (temporary feeding tube) because they are unwilling or unable to eat on their own.
  • Animals in which an abnormal heart rhythm is causing problems.
  • Animals with life-threatening neurological disease such as coma or severe seizures that are not responding to medications, or animals that are not able to walk properly or seem sore.
  • Patients that have had surgery and are not recovering well from anesthesia or are having trouble in the first few post-operative days.

Emergency surgery service

Our Ottawa animal emergency service is well equipped to handle emergency procedures of all types, and our emergency veterinarians are experienced in all types of emergency surgeries (for eg. gastric torsion, bleeding splenic mass, bladder stones, caesarians, pyometra (infected uterus), foreign body removal from stomach and intestines).

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