Dentistry specialty service

Dr. Lorraine Hiscox,  DVM FAVD Dip. AVDC, assisted by her primary RVT, Michèle Dufresne, are present Monday to Thursday for referrals in dentistry.

Veterinary dentistry, like human dentistry, includes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity. This includes a complete oral assessment under anesthesia or heavy sedation, dental radiographs (x-rays), periodontal probing, dental scaling above and below the gums, and polishing. In cases of periodontal disease, fractures, tooth resorption or other abnormalities, the extraction of certain teeth or periodontal surgery may also be necessary. For specific cases, Dr. Hiscox may offer alternatives, as well as providing advice about preventive home care.

Dr. Hiscox also provides diagnosis and treatment of endodontic and pulp diseases.These are diseases affecting the tooth’s internal tissues (the pulp) and periradicular tissues (at the end of the root), and are often the result of tooth fracture or trauma. Alternatives to extractions offered are: root canal treatment, vital pulpotomy, apicoectomy and reimplantation of avulsed teeth.

Treatment of abnormalities of the outer structure of the tooth are also offered, and composite restorations or crowns may be recommended in cases of abrasion, attrition, fracture or congenital malformation.

Ottawa Veterinarian Dr Lorraine Hiscox

Dr. Lorraine Hiscox – Dentistry Specialist

Oral surgeries performed include extractions, treatment of jaw fracture and/or dislocation, cleft palate or oronasal communication (fistula) repair, rhinotomy, and surgery involving the temporomandibular joint (jaw), tongue and salivary glands.

The veterinary dentist also plays a role in diagnosis and treating tumors and other oral diseases. This may involve obtaining a biopsy, computed tomography (CT scan), surgical excision of tumors by mandibulectomy or maxillectomy, or other advanced procedures. Dr Hiscox will combine her expertise with that of certified radiologists, oncologists, internists, and other specialists to ensure the best care possible for her patients.

We also offer orthodontics, including diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions, extraction of deciduous or permanent teeth, dental impressions and pulpotomy crown reductions. In some circumstances passive orthodontic devices (eg. inclined plan) or active orthodontic devices (eg. elastic chain and buttons) are used.

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