Animal Oncology Specialty Service

Veterinarian Dr Hugues Lacoste, m.v., MS, Dipl. ACVIM (oncology), also the Director of Professional Services at OAESH, will be present on Thursdays or Fridays for referrals in oncology.

Quality of life first

The oncology service works as a team with the other services at OAESH to allow pets with a cancer diagnosis to have the best quality of life for the longest time possible. Patients referred to Dr. Lacoste are not only those with a confirmed diagnosis, but also those suspected to have cancer. The costs for diagnosis, extensive health checks, and curative or palliative treatments vary according to the animal and their condition. Surgery, radiation therapy (in Montreal or Guelph), or low-dose chemotherapy will be recommended depending on the condition of the animal.

The decision to treat or not is always made by the owner with the assistance of the medical team, after receiving the most detailed and precise information possible. In most cases, several treatment options exist; however, when a curative option is not possible, a palliative alternative is provided. The main criterion in this decision-making process is always the patient’s quality of life.

Veterinarian Hugues Lacoste

Meet Dr. Hugues Lacoste – Oncology Specialist

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