Veterinary Surgery Specialty Service

Dr Julie-Anne Gervais, DVM, IPSAV, MSc, Surgery Residency and Dr. Matthieu Gatineau, m.v., IPSAV, M.Sc., Dipl. ACVS-ECVS & ACVSMR, offer referrals and surgical procedures. Both veterinary surgeons are supported by a qualified team of  veterinary technical staff, who provide and ensure exceptional quality of care for your pet.

Our anesthesiologist, Stefania Grasso, DVM, DACVAA, supervises all anesthetic procedures performed by the specialty surgery service, working closely with Dr. Gatineau in order to minimize risks and ensure optimal pain management before and after surgery.

Dr Julie-Anne Gervais (Tuesdays to Fridays) and Dr. Gatineau (Mondays) perform outpatient appointments with or without referral from your regular veterinarian, and also work closely with the other services, such as emergency, internal medicine, and oncology

Using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced surgical techniques, our surgery team performs many types of surgeries:

  • Orthopedic (fractures, osteoarticular pathologies, TPLO and TPO surgery, hip replacement, angular limb deformity correction, etc.).
  • Orthopedic and abdominal (cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, endocrine, urinary, etc.).
  • Oncologic (tumor excision and skin reconstruction/ plasty).
  • Minimally invasive surgery techniques, a special interest of Dr. Gatineau (including thoracoscopy, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, and percutaneous cystolithotomy or PCCL), to ensure the comfort of patients in the post-operative period and ensure optimal recovery after surgery.

Frequently asked questions by clients about specialty veterinary surgery

Why call upon an ACVS board-certified surgeon?

A specialty veterinary surgeon is a veterinarian with many years of extensive and highly regulated surgery training accredited by the American College of Veterinary Surgery. For the most part, these certified specialists, after getting their 5-year veterinary medical degree, completed a one-year general internship, then a one-year specialized surgery internship, before completing a 3-year ACVS accredited surgery residency program. Some also conducted postdoctoral studies leading to an MSc and PhD.

In addition to the clinical training during their residency, they have also completed medical and/ or basic research, participated in projects leading to scientific publications, given lectures and contributed to the training of future veterinarians or veterinary interns.

These additional years of training (5 to 6 years in addition to the five years of general veterinary medicine studies) allowed them to obtain a specialist certification in surgery (with the American College of Veterinary Surgery and/or the European College of Veterinary Surgery). They are well qualified to establish an accurate diagnosis, to provide an optimal therapeutic plan specific to your pet and your situation, and to perform surgical procedures that require specific expertise.

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